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Graphic, UI, Motion Designer


EXPERIENCE----- MUSK OWL - (28th April 2021 to Presently working) • Designed 50+ blog images, 40+ wedding invitation, 400+ social media posts • Created Service page and career page of Duftar (UK based IT Company) • Designed webpages for Nirma University Science College official website, Create social media post • Devised site maps, user flows, wireframes and mockups on Figma and principle for Flora Gogo (US based e-commerce company) GKMIT - (24th August 2020 to 21st April 2021) • Developed more than 300+creative design and social media posts for marketing, print materials, brochures, company deck, banners, and Logos • Conceptualized and developed Illustrations and Motion Graphics using After effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Figma • Created Home page, logo, website banners, pattern designs, social media ads design of N2XPRESS (Canadian Based foreign exchange company) and collaborated with technical team to complete projects • Lead designer of Pattern Bots for social media, ads and website illustrations • Created aesthetically-pleasing designs that complemented products services and increased lead generation by 25% • Coordinated, scheduled and created company's website design of process page, portfolio, team page, service page which enhanced user experience. FREELANCING - (20th June 2019 to 22th August 2020) • Designed logos for Local and some International Clients. • Built brands by creating value-based designs along with industry Graphic trends. • Cultivated positive relationships with 20+ clients by maintaining 100% satisfaction rate. • In depth work with Photoshop, illustrator, Figma to create modern art and designed website User Interfaces projects along with Blender and After Effects for 3d & 2d Motion Graphics. RD PHOTOGRAPHY - (14th May 2018 to 16th June 2019) • Designed graphics for websites, logos, and promotions for marketing purposes. • Built corporate brands by designing cohesive looks between elements such as logos and letterheads. • Cultivated positive relationships with 12 clients by maintaining 100% satisfaction rate. • Used Lightroom, photoshop, illustrator to create images and layouts for multiple projects along with After Effects and premier pro for video editing.

UI/UX Designer


My name is Ajibola Badmus, I design meaningful experiences, Living at the intersection of design and tech. Well, my uniqueness comes in rare. I design thoughtful digital experiences and beautiful brand aesthetics. I'll highlight how i think and how i do my rare things. As a product designer, i am open to the below 1. Embrace absurdity 2. Lateral thinking - a way of solving problems by using reasoning that is not immediately obvious. 3. Master Janusian thinking - the capacity to conceive and utilize two or more opposite or contradictory ideas, concepts, or images simultaneously. 4. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable - Creative thinking 5. I am a team player, collaboration and partnership is added to my strength, and i never stop thinking as a user on every design concepts because design is just everything the brain can and cannot imagine. I know how to holistically approach design, unify it across it's varying levels (workflow, experience, interaction, visual) to provide a seamless product involved in the day to day UI/UX design of product(s), Mostly working on Applications, Mobile and Web, oversee the entire product design - more of a manager of the process/design/build The digital world is my safe-box and i am always hungry happy to create new effortless user experiences. The entire process of going from a concept to release and gathering user's feedback is what makes me WAKE UP DAILY. My long term goal is to make technology easy to use and accessible to everyone. The motivation that drives me daily is to work with people and brands that inspire me.

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