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What can I sell on Oziconnect?

You can sell any digital assets, ranging from code scripts or website templates to stock footage.

  • Code Scripts

    Millions of small and medium business owners opted for scripts with related functionalities to aid growth, and cut costs in their businesses. Therefore, freelancers and sellers create digital assets as a solution to trending problems.

  • Website Templates

    Create and sell HTML templates, WordPress, Shopify Themes, or others to developers and business owners.

  • Graphic & UI Assets

    Graphic artists and UX/UI experts can also sell graphic and UI assets on Oziconnect. There’s currently a high demand for this category of digital products.

Focus on quality

Becoming a seller on Oziconnect means that, like us, you care deeply about the high quality of the products you sell to our global audience.

How It Works

Here are a few steps needed to start selling on Oziconnect.


Signup & Setup your profile

Sign up, verify your account, and set up your profile by entering your basic information. So your buyers will know who they are buying from.


Create & Publish Your Assets

Now that you set up your account correctly, it's time to add and publish your first product. You can add products from the seller dashboard.


Sell More, Earn More, and Get paid securely

You can start making sales immediately when your products are published, the more you sell the more you earn on Oziconnect.

Grow your business

Sell your digital assets
to global buyers on Oziconnect

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