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Digital Marketing & Lead Generation Expert


Hey, I am Sajan Aggarwal, I am graduated in Computer Science and have almost 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing handling many projects and support various brands to grow online. I am expert in handling short term and long term projects. Here are the list what i can offer:- 1. Wordpress SEO 2. SEO ( Off-page and On-page ) 3. PPC (Google Adwords, FaceBook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads) 4. keyword research 5. Higy Quality OFF-Page tasks 6. Link Building 7. Google Analytics, Webmasters 8. Yoast SEO Optimization 9. Content Optimization 10. Ads campaign ( display or call ads) 11. SEO Audit 12. Complete Social Media Service (banner & video creation, catchy captions, increase likes & followers, inc. engagement) [Unexpected Results & Service]. 13. Competitor Analysis & Growth Hacking. 14. Paid SEO tools (extra benefits). I've great experience working with small and local businesses, also large-scaled businesses. Why Hire Me:- 1. 6 years SEO experience 2. Complete On-Page and Off-Page 3. White hat technique 4. Daily work on your project 5. Daily or Weekly work report 6. Guaranteed results 7. Organic traffic 8. Brilliant Track Record 9. Only White hat technique 10. Fastest Client Support 11. Working 6 Days 12. Support 7 days a week Thank you for reading this, I'd like to hear from you! We cam work together to make your project successful with Internet Marketing. Cheers! Sajan

Lead specialist


The Average Person is Exposed to 6,000 - 10,000 Ads Per Day. Is Your Brand Cutting Through the Noise? In a world saturated with marketing messages vying for attention, crafting a campaign that truly resonates with your target audience is an uphill battle. As a lead strategist and copywriter, I've made it my mission to help businesses like yours break through the clutter and captivate your ideal customers. With a diverse portfolio I've developed a proven track record of success. I spearheaded a rebranding initiative for a private firm that boosted website traffic by 35% and increased social media engagement by 62% within the first quarter. What sets me apart is my holistic, data-driven approach that harmonizes market insights, consumer psychology, and creative storytelling. I dive deep into your audience's pain points, desires, and online behaviors to craft messaging that speaks directly to them. Then, I leverage the art of persuasion to gently guide them toward the solutions you offer. Whether you need to revamp your brand positioning, launch a standout product campaign, or simply inject new life into your marketing machine, I'm your strategic partner for breakthrough success. My collaborative process ensures we're lockstep every step of the way as I immerse myself in your business, working tirelessly to exceed your goals. In this age of unprecedented marketing saturation, it's more crucial than ever to have a strategic mastermind on your side. Someone who can deftly navigate the complexities of human psychology and behavior to elevate your brand above the deafening roar. If you're ready to captivate your audience and skyrocket your results, I'm ready to be your secret weapon. Let's talk.

Email Copywriter


You finally found me! My name is Oyewale. Over the past 2 years, I have spent thousands learning from mentors on how to become an expert in writing killer sales copy & identifying dreamy audiences. I will save you time by writing powerful copy for emails, supercharging sales by hooking your audience from the 1st sentence to the irresistible call to action at the end. Let me take care of the copy & audience research by targeting all their pain points while you sit back and watch the sales pour in. Let's do this together, I can't wait to work with you! Let's put An End To Your Emails Entering Your Customers Deleted Items... Take a minute. Imagine this... You have killer email copy that has conversion rates beyond your wildest dreams and persuades people to TAKE ACTION AND BUY! Maybe... - Your emails are not performing. - You're finding it difficult to write email copy that sells itself. - You're struggling to target your audience's pain points. Well, you came to the right place: virtual high-five Why choose Me as your copywriter? From the email's subject line to the CTA, every word is designed to exploit your audience's deepest desires and turn them into profitable long-term customers. I will give you powerful, sales-inducing email copy that allows you to stand out from competitors and generate spine-tingling profits. Satisfaction Guarantee: I work until you're 100% satisfied and provide VIP customer service. Please send me a message so we can figure out the perfect package! Let's take email marketing success to a whole new level.
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