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Expert Transcriptionist And Proofreader

Member since:
October 15, 2023
Last seen:
6 months
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Hourly: $2 Daily: $20
Monthly: $250 Contract:Available

Expert Transcriptionist And Proofreader

Hello! I'm an experienced transcriptionist and proofreader with a strong background in accurately transcribing a wide range of audio and video content. With a meticulous eye for detail and a commitment to delivering error-free transcripts, I'm here to assist you with your transcription and proofreading needs. My Professional Experience: Transcription: I have successfully transcribed audio and video content for various industries, including Newpaper, Blogging, Editorial firm, Medical, Law firm etc. This experience has honed my ability to capture every word and nuance in the source material while ensuring the utmost accuracy. Proofreading: I specialize in proofreading transcripts to guarantee grammatical correctness, consistent formatting, and content coherence. I take pride in delivering polished and error-free documents. My Offer: *Accurate and time-efficient transcription services. *Meticulous proofreading to guarantee error-free transcripts. *Adherence to your specific formatting and notation requirements. *Strict confidentiality and data security. Why Choose Me: My dedication to precision and a commitment to meeting deadlines make me a reliable choice for your transcription and proofreading needs. I am passionate about delivering high-quality work and ensuring client satisfaction. Let's Work Together: If you're looking for a transcriptionist and proofreader who can provide top-notch services and assist with your transcription projects, please feel free to reach out. I'm excited to collaborate with you and deliver transcripts that meet your expectations

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