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As a freelance-Crypto-Writer, a member of the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors (IAPWE), and a translator with a solid background in the English language—a Hausa--native-speaker and its dialects, I am proficient in both English/Hausa and more than five translation software programs. My deeply-rooted experience could be described by my time as a Lead English/Hausa Translator at Google ‘Translation,’ where I successfully translated over 100 projects, ranging from selected websites to entire series of documents in a couple of months. I am now looking forward to using my talents and expertise to give outstanding translation, transcription, subtitling, and interpretation services to business partners. 6 Years of Professional Experience in English/Hausa • 60 Successful Translation and Transcription Projects in 6 months • 30+ satisfied clients in the last year • 5+professional certifications • 4+ Years of Experience in Translating Business Documents • 4 Years of Experience in translating Technical Manuals • 4 Years of Experience in Subtitling Films and Tv shows • 2 Languages Proficient in: English and Hausa I am a native speaker of Hausa from North-Central Nigeria, where we speak and write a very standard Hausa similar to that spoken in Kano and any other Hausa states. I have studied and written Hausa as a native speaker since I was very young, and I am highly competent in the language. I ALWAYS do a careful review of my projects. I have studied English from pre-primary school to bachelor's and master's degrees. I both write and speak English legibly same as that of a native speaker. I now live my life in a densely Hausa community, and I read, write and speak for both Hausa and English markets. As a professional in English, I ALWAYS provide an independent review by myself as a copyeditor to ensure accuracy and a natural translation, in addition to the service. Every document that I translate or software that I localize will be proofread with meticulous detail to ensure the utmost accuracy and quality, and I will firmly calibrate your text for the particular field, tone, and target audience. I also contract with professional translator colleagues in both English and Hausa to provide an independent review of EVERY text that I translate. This independent proofreading is completely free of charge to you; it's at my expense to ensure that I provide the most accurate and highest-quality translation possible!
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