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Software Enginner

I am a software engineer, systems analyst, entrepreneur, programmer, designer, foundation builder of data, specialist in digital marketing and dedicated to the area of technology, mainly to the development of web pages, applications and databases, I also like to constantly learn about new programming tools. My wish is to be able to create new software solutions that can help the development of the human being in the different areas of his life. I am also a very responsible person, I have the ability to work in a team, I have good communication and I am constantly improving. I like to teach as a teacher to transmit all my knowledge to people and to help them progress. I also give training in different programming languages, frameworks and databases. I'm to serve you! Technology is your ally! Connecting with the world!

Education / Certificates

Software Engineer | Universidad Técnica Nacional

2016 | 2020

I liked being able to develop several web pages with different programming languages ??and also learn about inferential statistics and be able to apply it to data mining to have a better perception and use of the data, in addition to the quality of the software to ensure the quality of the systems. of customers.

Employment History

Full Stack | Founder & Ceo | Byte Cr

March, 2021 - August, 2022

I establish requirements survey with customers. I use: Technical manuals, PHP Laravel, Angular, MVC, Blade templates, Jetstream - Livewire, DHTML, SASS, JavaScript, Jquery, AJAX, Bootstrap, XAMPP, Visual Studio Code, MySQL Workbench. C#/ASP.NET, ADO.NET, N layers, MVC, Entity Framework, ASPX, XML, XSLT, Json, text files, WCF, ORM Lite, Microsoft Azure, Razor, CSS3, Visual Studio 2019, Unit testing, maintenance, and technical support and GitHub.

Computer Engineering Professor | Instituto Ssuper Arte

undefined, 2021 - undefined, 2021

I teach the computer operator course (Operating systems, advanced Excel, Power point, Word and typing).

Development Of Web | Siasa

undefined, 2020 - undefined, 2020

Development of web sites with .Net for a clinical laboratory, in addition to making reports to facilitate the management of the information generated using Store Procedure with SQL Server 2014 and Visual Studio 2015. To develop the web page, I used Visual Studio 2015 with the C # ASP language .Net, Ajax, Bootstrap and the structure of the system was in "N layers", I also made reports with reporting services.

Systems Analyst | Siasa

undefined, 2020 - undefined, 2020

I analyzed the execution of the SITRAF system to detect the errors that occur and correct them so that it runs successfully. In addition, changes were made in the accounting part due to the Value Added Tax and I was able to learn a lot about accounting.

I Developed Databases | Siasa

undefined, 2020 - undefined, 2020

I developed databases in English and Spanish. Using SQL Server 2014 and I used the three normal ways to do the plus stored processors, functions, views, triggers. create the databases In SQL Server 2014.

Junior Programmer Analyst | Cr Atesa

undefined, 2022 - Till Date

Database Analyst using SQL Server 2014, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Service Data Tools (SSDT) y Visual Studio 2017, applying extraction transformation and data loading (ETL).

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