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Web And Mobile Software Developer

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July 31, 2020
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3 years
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Web And Mobile Software Developer

I am a software engineer with a demonstrated history in working in information technology , the services industry and developing enterprise solutions . I am very proficient in the use of JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks ( react and react native ) when developing front end/client side applications. I have strong skills in database management and also very proficient in the use of MySQL and mongo dB . I have adequate knowledge of node and backend framework like express. I Beleive skill is just not enough for one to be successful in tech business so I put in good attitude towards my work and that has helped me to always meet my target. I’m all about making impact and I always ensure trust and excellence is always portrayed in my work

Education / Certificates

Bsc Mathematics / Statistics | University Of Lagos

2014 | 2018

I studied mathematics and statistics and this give me an edge in being a very critical thinker . My course of study has helped me become a better data structure and algorithms writer . It also helps me so solve complex problems easily

Employment History

Software Developer | Instiq Professional Services

March, 2019 - Till Date

I have a combined degree in mathematics and statistics . The course has helped me become versatile in the area of software development . I easily take up complex task and solve them with ease . With mathematics and statistics, I have a better background to venture into different roles in the technological space

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