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Python And Full Stack Developer

United States
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August 11, 2021
English, Yoruba
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2 years
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Python And Full Stack Developer

I am a python developer and full-stack developer with over 3 years of experience, I have experience working remotely with a company - Dowstrademus, a financial stocks trading and education company in the US. I have worked on many scraping projects and automation and built APIs and web apps(using React.js, Django, DjangoREST framework, and CRM tools like Wordpress). I have also built discord bots and trading bots. I have experience working with scraping libraries and data science libraries such as Beautifulsoup, Selenium, LXML, Requests, Pandas, Scrapy, etc and I have experience using databases such as PostgreSQL, mySQL, and Hosting services such as AWS services(Amazon EC2 instnaces, Elastic beanstalk, S3, Amazon RDS), pythonanywhere and heroku.

Education / Certificates

Computer Science With Mathematics | Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife

2017 | 2021

Data Structures and Algorithm | Python Programming | Object-Oriented Programming | Java Programming | System analysis and design | Logic and Abstract Algebra

Employment History

Software Engineer | Dowstrademus Investment Limited

March, 2020 - Till Date

Web App Development using React.js and Django Framework and DjangoREST. Built front-end pages. Developed data pipelines using AWS EC2 instances. Developed several discord bots to aid stock trading among discord server users. Developed smart trading bot integrated with TDAmeritrade API. Wrote automation for tasks that were manually done before. Scraped multiple websites for data to aid US stocks trading. Consumed several APIs with technical analysis and integrated with equations and studies from the data science team to aid smart trading. Lead a team of developers and interns in core projects.

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