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Full-stack Software Engineer

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May 27, 2020
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3 years
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Full-stack Software Engineer

I am an experienced Full-Stack Software Engineer with 3.5 years of professional experience building both web and mobile applications. Proficient in MERN, PREN and MEAN stacks. I have a demonstrated problem-solving ability. I am very passionate about creating solutions that help institutions to be more efficient and provide a better service to society. What drives me as a technologist is the desire to make people’s lives easier. In the past, i worked with various companies where i provided significant technical solutions. But I am currently working as a technical lead where my main responsibility is to give technical support and coordinate junior software engineers on our team.

Education / Certificates

Bachelor Degree | University Of Kigali

2017 | 2020

Employment History

Technical Lead | Software Engineer | Rwanda Edutory

January, 2017 - Till Date

Rwanda Edutory is an online directory and Search Engine providing information for educational institutions in Rwanda. - Researched primary technological developments to determine whether implementation into organizational processes was efficient and feasible - Researched best practices to share with fellow software team members. - Write good quality and testable codes - Key contributor in the development and deployment of the application. - Coordinate Junior Engineers and provide coaching and mentoring support. - Conduct code reviews and provide feedback based on standard programming practices. - Observe and evaluate your team based on key performance indicators.

Software Engineer | Full-stack Developer | Andela Inc

June, 2019 - April, 2020

Tech Stack: Javascript, ReactJs, React Native, React-Apollo, AngularJs, NodeJs, Python, Redux, GraphQL, Postgres, Docker, Github, AWS. - Write good quality and testable codes - Implement a Postgres SQL database design - Implement Backend Security - Work on full-stack application - Participate in peer code reviews - Mentor Junior developers to onboard successfully on the codebases and help them grow as necessary.

Software Engineer | Lifestores Healthcare

October, 2019 - January, 2020

I was part of the team which developed (HealthID), an inventory management system for pharmacist for The LifeStore Pharmacy. During those 4 months I spent at Life store, we used React/Apollo, Python, Django, and GraphQL to build HealthID. Lifestores Pharmacy aims to be the leading pharmaceutical retail company for the Nigerian mass market. I worked as a React FrontEnd Software Engineer to develop their software platform. HealthID is an inventory management and customer engagement software platform designed for pharmacists/chemists and their customers.

Founder | Software Developer | Behemoth Ltd

March, 2017 - February, 2020

I was a founder and freelancer software developer at behemoth.

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