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Expert B2c Social Media Strategist


Expert B2c Social Media Strategist

Interested in building a crypto centric brand across social media to create awareness about the project, engage its community members and generate viable leads? Regardless, I’ll be able to take care of this with minimal supervision from you. I’ve worked as a Social Media Manager and Community Manager for my personal brand, Cryptocurrency projects(Pigzbe and Red Pill Coin), fashion brands, a marketing company and an e-commerce platform. That actually makes me more beneficial to your project. As we both know, many people fake their knowledge about Social Media Marketing knowledge. They think that because they keep posting on social media, they all there is to social media marketing. That would be a headache you don’t want to bear and you won’t have that with me. I would generally ask more questions and see if we’d be a good fit, but I’m 100% confident that I’ll be able to execute all you need from drawing innovative digital campaigns to actively engaging the community. Whether you want me to organically grow your platforms or creating a 1 in 4 format (One content distributed over 4 channels) - I have you covered. If you really want to get fancy, I can even go into Webinars and vlogs to keep the community engaged. Whatever service you have, I will sell it (and do so logically). Please let me know if you have questions for me. Below are links to social media pages I’ve handled Personal: Fashion: Marketing: Cryptocurrency:

Education / Certificates

Bsc Food Science | Obafemi Awolowo University

2013 | 2018

Diploma In Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing Skill Institute

2018 | 2018

Content management SEO SEM Facebook optimization and campaign management Instagram optimization and campaign management

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