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Web Developer

South Africa
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November 13, 2023
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4 months
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Web Developer

Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stuart Somiah I am a Digital Marketing and Web Design professional. I have 12 years of experience designing websites, running Google PPC campaigns, managing and advertising on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, creating marketing strategies and long term digital campaigns as well as website optimization, SEO, 6 years managing marketing teams, 3 years implementing business automation systems and CRM. I’m proficient in many web, digital and design software’s and am able to easily learn and implement new online technologies as well as provide support and implement courses for my fellow colleagues on these software’s. I have an IT desktop, server, and networking background and can easily manage the day to day IT requirements for a company if necessary. I come from a data manipulation and administration background as well. I started off working with Microsoft access databases and slowly moved on to SQL. Having this skill behind me I am able to better understand the data from tools such as Google Analytics and use this to my advantage when optimizing paid campaigns on Google AdWords and Social Media. Keeping up with current digital trends and researching new tools is one of my hobbies as this is something I do every day. To me marketing is something all businesses should never stop doing as a stagnant brand is a forgotten brand. One of my goals to teach businesses about marketing and give them a better understanding of Digital Marketing and how it can be beneficial to them. I have keen interest in Psychology, specifically marketing psychology and how it can be used to better understand what a person needs and the way they feel about a certain brand they interact with. This gives us insights into how to improve our marketing strategies and put out campaigns that connect with people on a personal and emotional level. I love what I do and most importantly I love learning about new technologies, strategies, tools and techniques that I can use to not just better myself but the businesses that I work for.

Education / Certificates

Business Information Systems | Oval International

2009 | 2011

Employment History

Digital Specialist | The 13th Floor

November, 2022 - Till Date

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