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Senior Software Engineer


Good day, my name is Jeff Ofobrukweta, I have my background in Systems/Software Engineering and I am an accomplished front end developer with 4 years of experience as a senior frontend engineer and 2 years as a team lead. I have most of my experience in working in companies which help in Engineering as a service to other clients i.e (Outliant), Proxify , I scale and build software products both existing and newly created products following agile methodologies such as scrum, I have been able to build and optimize web applications ,also I have been able to setup continuous Integration and continuous Deployment pipelines (CICD) to help ship newly developed features ,fixes or tests to different environments , I have been able to also review pull requests and provide recommendations for better code standards following recommended design patterns where necessary. Some of the products I have been able to build either individually or with a team of people include products ranging from fintech, edutech, online health services and also service oriented products such as ; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Over the years I have always been passionate about working with large and small teams in creating and scaling software engineering products and doing it most efficiently, I believe in not just using existing methodologies but using them more optimizely in solving both generic and specific challenges during a development life cycle.
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