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Fullstack Developer


I am a skilled full-stack web developer with a strong background in backend development and experience working for Argometrix, where I leveraged big data to create business intelligence and insights for sellers and users. In my role at Argometrix, I worked closely with large data sets, employing data analytics with Microsoft PowerBI, Nodejs, TypeScript and PHP to extract valuable insights that enabled sellers to make informed business decisions. My expertise includes designing and implementing robust backend systems to support data processing and analysis. As a full-stack developer, I am well-versed in various technologies and frameworks for building dynamic, user-friendly web applications. My backend experience encompasses database management, API development, and server-side scripting using languages such as PHP, or Node.js. On the frontend, I am proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and modern frontend frameworks such as React, Nextjs or jQuery. I am passionate about creating seamless user experiences and optimizing performance across the stack. My ability to understand complex data requirements and translate them into functional, scalable web solutions is one of my key strengths. Additionally, I have a proactive approach to problem-solving, strong communication skills, and a commitment to continuous learning and growth in the ever-evolving tech industry. I look forward to bringing my experience and expertise to your team to contribute to innovative and impactful projects
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