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Full stack Mobile and Web developer


Hello.! My Name is Prem Kumar. I am proficient independent software Developer with a worthy experience of 7 years in the industry. I can build robust websites and mobile application with a high-end design to our clients using cutting-edge technologies. The websites and apps that were created by me were client-centric and cost-effective without compromising on aesthetics as I strongly believe in the philosophy that people buy and people sell and value is created in the process. I create great value for whoever wants to take their business online. I have served different clients with various business requirements and web services also include application hosting that will enable to manage your business in a lean and effective way. It’s not only depth of knowledge but the speed of delivery and dedication is my strength . As a developer , I understand that creative and magnificent design is a necessary ingredient that helps a client to stand separately in a classy and dignified manner. My expertise lies in : • Website Development (PHP , .NET with all frame works ). • Web Designing • Web Application Development • Android Application development (Kotlin , Java) • IOS Development (Obj c ,Swift) Why Choose me..? - I Have 7 Years of Experience in Web & Mobile Apps development. - I can build a website and apps with high-end design to my clients. - I create great value for whoever wants to take their business online. Thank you for Reviewing my Profile and looking forward to working together. PHP Laravel Framework CodeIgniter Android App Development iOS Development Yii WordPress ASP.NET AngularJS C#

Customer Service Professional


In my 5 years of experience in the customer service field, I have developed a strong foundation in understanding and addressing the diverse needs of customers. Here are some highlights of my professional journey: Turbham Limited/Freight Broker/Dispatch: In my role as Freight Broker/Dispatch and Customer care at Turbham Nigeria Limited, I was responsible for Liaison between shippers and carriers of freights. I also served as the intermediary between my company and the two parties, ensuring the safe carriage and delivery of freights. I performed Customer service tasks like handling inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring customer satisfaction. During my tenure, I consistently received positive feedback from customers and colleagues for my professionalism, empathy, and ability to exceed expectations. [Turbham Limited(Glutality Health Care Florida USA/Customer Management Specialist: Before that, I served as a Customer Management Specialist and Intake specialist for our client Glutality Health Care, where I handled 20+ patients daily, serving as an intermediary between healthcare providers, insurance companies and the patients. I was able to listen attentively to these patients and entered their health information correctly. I also implemented new procedures to improve efficiency by developing cordial relationships with these patients, thereby, registering 7 - 10 patients daily above my daily targets of 5 patients. For this, I got an outstanding performance and was promoted to Team Lead. Guest Service Agent: In addition to my professional roles, I have also served as a Guest service agent, virtual assistant, and volunteer work with Turbo Medics as an intake specialist.

Expert Web, Mobile, Desktop App Designer


Software Engineer with 10+ years’ experience participating in the complete product development lifecycle of successfully launched applications. I have worked on big projects ranging from building Enterprise software’s, Deep Learning systems, and Full stack solutions for wide range of companies across different countries such as USA, UK, Poland, Ireland, Nigeria etc. and across different industries such as textile, e-commerce, fintech, telecom, music intelligence, location intelligence, data security and healthcare. My core skills are Reactjs, Nodejs, Python, Flask, Electronjs, Typescript, Tailwind CSS, GraphQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS, and Google Cloud. Skills ● Excellent communication skills. ● Strong collaboration skills. ● Ability to lead a project through its entire life cycle. ● Ability to break down complex problems into smaller independent chunks. ● Ability to build software systems that can scale to large number of users. ● Agile Methodology, Jira, Asana. ● Vastly skilled in Software Design and Architecture. ● JavaScript, PHP, Python, SQL, MySQL (10+ years’ experience). ● MongoDB, PostgreSQL, React, C++, Nodejs (7+ years’ experience). ● GraphQL, Electron, React Native, Redis (5+ years’ experience). ● Typescript, Golang, Python-Flask (3+ years’ experience). ● Rust, Kafka (2+ years’ experience). ● Tailwind CSS, Apigee, AWS Lambda (< 1-year experience). ● Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Scipy, NLTK, Weights and Biases, SqlAlchemy, Celery, Scrapy (4+ years’ experience). ● Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Github Action, Git, Jest, React Testing Library, Google Cloud, AWS, Linux, Networking (4+ years’ experience). ● Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision (CV) (4+ years’ experience).
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