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Laravel Expert


I am a passionate Software Engineer , specially in web. As a web application developer, i prefer LAMP stack (Linux, Apache , MySql , PHP) . I have more than 4 years of experiences with Laravel, JS, Jquery, Ajax, MySql, Git and Currently i am in love with Vue JS. I have developed many projects by myself as well as a team member and some of these projects are large enough to continue for more than 2 years and its still growing. I prefer SOLID design pattern, TDD and try to follow Agile methodology. For version controlling i do love Gitlab, because it has issue tracker on its and can set milestones and track issues. As a web application developer, i always prefer API centric development and develop REST APIs for applications. Along with API development, i do have to integrate third party APIs , which includes social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Google etc. Payment gateways like , Sslwireless, Ipay, Bkash etc. For project deployment on Live or Dev Server i always prefer cloud hosting like Degitalocean. It's easy to manage and can increase server's capacity based on usages. In any application . My core responsibility includes: 1. Requirement analysis 2. Task breakdown 3. Database Design 4. Design project structure and coding 5. Task distribution among team members (if any) 6. Version controlling 7. Project deployment on live server or development servers 8. Server Management (Digital ocean or AWS ) 9. Code review and re-factoring 10. System Security analysis 11. Performance improvement

Software Engineer


I am ThankGod Bereonwu from Lagos, Nigeria. I am a Full stack Web developer. Designing a program that is truly friendly, helpful and satisfying to the user is my ultimate goal on every project. I am a young potential embedded with rare, exceptional and outstanding skills. Highly focused with a comprehensive knowledge of designing and developing the layout, visual appearance and usability of a website [Front and Back End Development]. An easy going person with awesome attitude even towards work. A man who is eager to learn, increase in knowledge, willing to apply and use opportunities. Possessing a proven track record of successfully completed projects from the concept through designing, development, testing and delivery. With software development, there is always something new to discover. Bringing my ideas to life, contributing greatly to the growth of every organization I find myself in and solving real life problems is my altimate goal each day. My goal is to continually increase my programming skills in order to present better solutions to my employers and their clients. I enjoy uncovering new ideas and would use them to advance Your organisation’s mission to deliver viable solutions for digital storage. Tools I have used: -Technologies: HTML, CSS, Php, JavaScript. -DevDocs: Laravel | Vue.js | Bootstrap | Code Igniter | Angular.js. -Process: Business Process Making (BPM). -Automation: Robotic Process Automation (UiPath). -Databases: MYSQL, phpMyAdmin -Tools: Git | VsCode | Sublime Text. -Methodologies: Pair - Programming Test-driven Development.

Senior Fullstack Developer


Innovative full-stack software developer specialising in building native applications using cutting-edge web technologies with a continually evolving skill sets. Experienced on all stages of the development circle of dynamic web, mobile and desktop application projects. Prolific in Javascript, PHP and Typescript to name a few, with more than ten years of well-rounded experience working as a freelancer with clients across the globe. Developed great softwares using Electron, Angular, EmberJs, Sass, Less, Laravel, NodeJs and Ionic to name a few, each with high user experience score. Maintainer and contributor to lovely open-source projects and a speaker at developer meetup events. Built an open-source package for generating API Documentation from in app code documentation. Currently with over 8,000 downloads and growing. Developed and maintained an online cinema application for Zylofon Media Built an open-source template for the Couscous documentation build tool shown on the couscous website used in over 1000 open source documentation. Develop and maintain the website for New World African with a social media presence. Developed and maintain a PHP SDK for Hubtel, Ghana. Over 8,000 composer installs. Developed and maintain a Laravel SDK for Hubtel, Ghana. Over 1,000 composer installs. Completed over 500 successful freelance tasks for happy clients across the globe with great reviews on that helped boost their business and kickoff some startups. Built business plans and project with estimates, for Paymium, Inc. A fintech startup. Created video training material for clients after building their products. Worked with developers to manage large complex design for co-operating clients. Develop project concepts and maintain optimal workflow. Developed and maintained open-source plugins for Angular projects. Background in software testing, process testing and quality control. Posses technical proficiency in database design, business modelling and software application development. Designed case studies, models and process flow.
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