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agric business consultant with minapro


I had the privilege of gaining almost (3) years experience, first with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) as an intern with the farm unit, and afterwards in my service year (NYSC) under the monitoring and evaluation unit of the Agricultural Transformation Agenda Phase -1 project (ATASP-1).which furthered my interest in agricultural development and sustainability. I have experience as an area sales supervisor for premier lotto limited, and worked as an administrative/trade assistant to the Group Managing Director Eteleson Industry Limited, learning first hand the how international trade is being carried out with relations to importation of raw materials(chemicals), and finished products. This has further increase my knowledge on trade negotiations, ,funding and clearing of goods and also strategically in business management as I was also responsible for ensuring all aspect of business operation where up and runing if otherwise report to the managing director for immediate action, here I also actively took part in the development of a new product brand for the company, which is currently in the market (Timberlock wood preservative), from conceptualization to all brand designs, to registrations and validations, till the product was finally delivered and marketing operations commenced, all strategies from concpetualization to marketing and sales took less than 12 months, it was intensive work. Am currently freelancing as an agribusiness consultant with Minapro ultra services Limited.

Customer Experience Officer


As a highly skilled and versatile personnel, I read your posting with interest. My experience aligns well with the qualifications you are seeking at your organization and I am certain I would make valuable contributions to your organization. I am adept in administrative and financial oversight, team building, and revenue generation. Moreover, while my on-the job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set, including first-rate analytical and problem solving abilities, I am proficient at meeting or exceeding benchmarks and delivering exceptional results. As a seasoned Project Support Personnel, I understand the importance of optimizing business processes without sacrificing personal connections with employees. I thrive on meeting project deadline and was commended by senior leadership for my ability to ensure adherence to established organizational processes while maintaining a positive and motivating corporate culture. I am energetic, highly motivated and I possess the organizational skills to help keep the department running on a tight schedule. I have the ability to adapt with each project and to make changes where needed to ensure different projects receives the attention it needs to be a success. Highlights of my achievements include: Implemented streamlined administrative procedures and processes. Accurately completed assignments and general duties which increased overall efficiency by 40%. Resolved customers’ complaints while identifying problems and taking appropriate corrective action, increasing client retention ratio significantly. Earned reputation for consistency and timely delivery of work under minimal supervision. I am extremely enthusiastic about your organization focus on modernization and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to your ongoing success.

Customer service experience


I am experienced in customer relationship management, where I was able to adapt and manage multiple priorities at the same time, all of these make me believe that I would be a strong candidate for the role. As a driven individual who wants to progress, I feel your company is a natural place for a hard-working team player like myself who is fully accountable and resilient. With my present employer, where I have worked for the last four (4) years, I am renowned for being able to motivate, mobilize, and coach my fellow colleagues to meet high-performance standards. I can easily work with others in a professional manner while attempting to achieve a common goal. Apart from my record as a customer service professional, I am a sociable person who has a natural ability to build relationships with all kinds of people. I also consider myself to be a personable professional whose strengths include cultural sensitivity. One of my strongest points is my self-motivation. Being a highly analytical thinker, I am able to quickly identify, scrutinize, improve, and streamline complex work processes which was the sole reason I was promoted to be a Quality Assurance Analyst to ensure that all customer care representatives provide excellent service experience and ensure complete customer satisfaction. Furthermore, I have good communication skills, good time management skills, I am attentive, focused, and have the ability to read customers. My enclosed resume will provide you with details of my background, experience, and what I have to offer. I perceive this employment opportunity as a significant advancement in my career, I believe that working with your establishment will provide a good environment to show off my full potential and utilize my skills and knowledge. Yours sincerely, Alero Vivian Okposio.
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