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Software Engineer


I am ThankGod Bereonwu from Lagos, Nigeria. I am a Full stack Web developer. Designing a program that is truly friendly, helpful and satisfying to the user is my ultimate goal on every project. I am a young potential embedded with rare, exceptional and outstanding skills. Highly focused with a comprehensive knowledge of designing and developing the layout, visual appearance and usability of a website [Front and Back End Development]. An easy going person with awesome attitude even towards work. A man who is eager to learn, increase in knowledge, willing to apply and use opportunities. Possessing a proven track record of successfully completed projects from the concept through designing, development, testing and delivery. With software development, there is always something new to discover. Bringing my ideas to life, contributing greatly to the growth of every organization I find myself in and solving real life problems is my altimate goal each day. My goal is to continually increase my programming skills in order to present better solutions to my employers and their clients. I enjoy uncovering new ideas and would use them to advance Your organisation’s mission to deliver viable solutions for digital storage. Tools I have used: -Technologies: HTML, CSS, Php, JavaScript. -DevDocs: Laravel | Vue.js | Bootstrap | Code Igniter | Angular.js. -Process: Business Process Making (BPM). -Automation: Robotic Process Automation (UiPath). -Databases: MYSQL, phpMyAdmin -Tools: Git | VsCode | Sublime Text. -Methodologies: Pair - Programming Test-driven Development.

IT/Network & Technical Support Engineer


In my IT/Network/Technical Support Manager role, i provide 1st level troubleshooting and repair via technical phone supports and emails to resellers and end users, i act as the network engineer between the network team on site and management team(giving feedback to management regarding any network related issues or down-time, create alerts (jira tickets) that identify and categorize the issue based on severity, alert type and other criteria, i perform specialized duties in support of Network planning, installation, testing, and deployment of hardware (router, switches, gateways, etc.) and applicable software, i also honed my abilities in monitoring and maintaining the computer systems and networks within the organization, responsible for day to day monitoring of networked systems and software, hardware and storage components, maintaining equipment database and records, providing field support and installation, and providing online customer support, Installing and configuring computer systems, diagnosing hardware/software faults(laptops/desktops, switches, routers, mifis, repeaters/network extenders), i keep a watchful eye over end nodes, taking preventative reporting steps to ensure many issues do not occur, responsible for supporting remote monitoring and management software, monitors infrastructure health, security and capacity on a clients environment, I am also responsible for monitoring with a view to capture availability/performance/capacity metrics of customers sites, solving technical problems by performing functional testing of user equipment from the warehouse to ensure that the devices are performing optimally prior to selling to customers, LAN / WAN Network design, I carryout Technical Training for staff and customers and sometimes involve in system integrations and other assigned duties as applicable and instructed by line manager or management and I also ensure that no under-performing device is sold to a customer, I provide professional and effective technical support to the sales team to ensure that customer expectations are met particularly in terms of quality (experience) and timeliness in line with agreed SLAs, providing a solid foundation for this position. My communication, people-centric nature, and eagerness to please have afforded me excellent innovative and problem solving skills.
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