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Hey! YOU CAN RANK ON GOOGLE TOO! Have come to realize the one mistake that most blogs don't know about Google. Do you know it? Here it is... Many fail to understand how Google Search Algorithm works. I see many newbies complain that their content fails to be recognized by the Search Engines yet they fail to include relevant hyperlinks in their content. How on earth would google find them? Another common problem seems to be Keyword Research... While Competitive Keywords are quite interesting and drives more traffic, it's however, not the best for newbies. As a newbie learn to target long-tail keywords and more locality inclined keywords in your content at first and later after you've built enough links start contending with few HEAD keywords. So enough of the talking. Where do you think am heading? Do you ever dream to rank on Google's first page with your content? With four years of experience working as a copywriter and content creator, I've created content that engages readers, captures attention, and flows with the target audience. I've written for many clients over the years. I can help you write content that flows with your target audience and resonates deeply, yet SEO friendly. When you hire me, you will get: SEO-Friendly Article Grammatical error-free blog post Non plagiarized content A unique and quality article Effective keyword research using long-tail keywords So without much further ado, hit the HIRE button, and let's get the ball rolling.

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