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I am a full-stack Android Engineer currently working at Trinity Technologies South Sudan, the company largely known for pioneering mobile money in South Sudan. I am a skilled Android Engineer with 4+ years of strong experience in Android Development, Core Java & Kotlin languages with willingness to learn other Mobile technologies such as React and Ionic. I am reliable when called upon and i aim to be better everyday. Constantly updating my skill set, I am proficient in the latest iterations of Java, Kotlin, and python. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Geological Sciences and Mathematics and have spent the past one year at Trinity Technologies my main responsibilities revolving around building cutting-edge mobile applications, testing and debugging applications and developing updates to improve app usability. I also collaborated with the marketing department to help define client needs and how best to accommodate them. I have been involved in the entire lifecycle of Android app development. Among my responsibilities were to solve problems, debug apps, develop SQL database structures and participated in new product development. My career path as an Android Developer over the past three years feature accomplishments summarized below: Helped create and test several fully functional Android applications ranging from mobile banking solution apps to taxi hailing apps on time and on budget. Exceeded customers’ needs, improving app functionality and focusing on object- oriented design Am well-regarded for writing efficient, reusable code that prioritizes security My skills and experience in designing and developing applications for Android devices will be of great benefit to your organization. I’d love to discuss the further role with you.

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