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Freelance Back End Developer Jan 2019 – Present (1 yr 11 mos) •Intermediate-level understanding of the following core backend languages: Python, JavaScript/Node, PHP, Ruby, Java, GoLang, Scala •Working knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming concepts i.e. Classes and Objects, Inheritance, Encapsulation and Polymorphism •Good understanding of fundamental database concepts – relational (SQL) database, non-relational (NoSQL) database and ORMs/ODMs •Working knowledge of core data structures •Experience working with software engineering collaboration tools •Experience with architecture and design principles, building to consider maintainability, performance, security requirements, and impact •Familiarity with cloud hosting platforms – (AWS, GCP) •Comfortable working within agile methodologies and experienced in estimation and time management •Intermediate understanding of unit and integration testing, and testing frameworks/libraries— PyTest, Nose,Jasmine, Mocha, Jest •Strong preference for test-driven-development (TDD) and understands its importance •Experience having worked with Web Framework for my language of choice •Comfort and familiarity with code editor and formatting tools •Familiarity with web server technology— (Apache, Nginx) •Working knowledge of CI/CD tools— Jenkins, Travis CI, Circle CI •Familiarity with containerization and orchestration techniques •Strong ability to problem-solve, debug, and understand pertinent performance metrics •Knowledge of unit, integration, e2e and UI testing, with testing framework •Familiarity with containerization infrastructure and orchestration •Awareness of the capabilities of applicable languages/frameworks/libraries as well as the inherent differences between them in order to understand trade-offs and make recommendations

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