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Enthusiasm Frontend Javascript Developer


Over 3 year of production experience, I have delivered many web pages from the first line of code to production all by myself. I excel in front-end software development and I consider myself to be a hands-on technologist first, an architect second, and a team player above all. I am recognized for assessing operational needs and delivering exact requirements given. I have enjoyed many challenging positions throughout my career. My personal and professional experiences have taught me the following about myself: I can successfully build your front-end product from scratch to the marketplace. - I put the requirements at the center of all that I do. - I excel at the execution of big ideas with given constraints - My gut instinct is good but I seek data for my decisions - I use modern, cost-effective and efficient tools that reduce cost and manpower I educate, refine and drive myself to be a better engineer - I am constantly learning because I never settle - I update my tools to the latest version or better alternatives as quickly as possible - I contribute and consume open source projects in a great deal I can be a great team member. - I know a healthy and respectful debate can lead to better solutions. - I love to win, but helping the team win gives me greater joy - I adhere strictly to standard/agreed practices - I love being challenged and can challenge others to take on the impossible I enjoy meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. Kindly reach out if you want to talk about crafting solutions to a problem, emerging technologies, creating software products/platforms or discuss the power of technology :) Professional Skills Web/frontend development | API Integration | SEO implementation My Core Tools and Technologies: HTML | CSS | Bootstrap | Material ui | Javascript | JQuery | React.js | Next.js | Postman | TypeScript | Redux | Git | Github | Figma | React Query | CI/CD | Agile Methodology (SCRUM & KANBAN using Jira) | Jest.js | On-page & off-page SEO optimisation | WebRTC

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