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Expert MEAN stack Software Engineer


I build: Front-end web applications using Angular, Handle the Back-end of web applications using PHP & Laravel, Node.JS & Express.JS, and build Mobile Applications using HTML5, Angular, and Ionic-5. Databases: I have worked with both SQL (MySQL) and NoSQL (Mongo-DB) databases. I am conversant with LAMP, MEAN, and MERN stack web development, with knowledge of Microsoft Share-point Development. Selected Projects: *Built an Event Management Application using Laravel and PHP. *Built a Social Media application - Instagram clone using Laravel and PHP. * Built a Real Estate CRM (system) with complete CMS features, with accompanying agent management system, that also allow real estate organizations to manage and monitor the progress of all their real estate agents. Using Vanilla PHP. * Built a complete E-commerce store for an emerging fashion brand in Nigeria. * Built a Mobile Application for real estate flexible-payment scheme, that allow clients to pay in installments within a certain period, following a predefined business model initially set out by the organization. This app also allows the real estate organization to track and monitor the progress of clients and their payment history. * Built a Social Media application - Facebook clone using Angular and Nodejs. * Worked on a robust Customer Life-cycle Management Application, that brought together 4 (frontend) Angular admin dashboards for different admin user categories, one Ionic-5 mobile application for customers and one robust Nodejs backend that communicated with the front-end applications through REST APIs endpoints. * Worked on a model of the flappy birds and space invaders game using JavaScript. *Working on apps that interface with banks in the fintech sector Technologies: PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, ES6, Angular. React, NodeJS, Express, EJS, Mongo-DB, blade, MySQL, Firebase, Ionic 5, Redis, Swagger, AWS, etc

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