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????????COMING SOON???? ????WEBMONEY ???? Revolutionary way of Earning Money Online with no stress of Starting Capital. You don't need to deposit money to make money, Crypto Clicks is the morden way of Earning money for Everyone with money or no money. ????HOW DOES WEBMONEY WORK???? WEBMONEY is a foam of Cryptoclick where Members make money by helping click the Cryptocurrencies to make it known in every corner of the world. ????Each time you click to share Cryptocurrencies you get allocated a certain amount, the amount you earn depends on your account Level as explained below.???? ????STARTER RANK????(Free) --------- ????Get 1x cryptoclick daily. ???? Earn between R2 and R20 per Click. ???? Earn up to R10 daily without recruiting. ???? Never Expire. ????KRUGERAND COIN ACCOUNT (R500) ????Get 4x cryptoclicks daily. ????Earn between R10 and R60 per Click. ????Earn up to R240 daily without recruiting. ????Expires after 40 cryptoclicks. ????USDCOIN LEVEL ACCOUNT (R1000) ????Get 5x cryptoclicks daily. ????Earn between R15 and R70 per click. ????Earn up to R350 daily without recruiting. ????Expires after 50 cryptoclicks. ????LITECOIN LEVEL ACCOUNT (R1500) ????Get 6x cryptoclicks daily. ????Earn between R25 and R80 per Click. ????Earn up to R480 daily without recruiting. ????Expires after 60 cryptoclicks. ????ETHEREUM LEVEL ACCOUNT (R2000) ????Get 7x cryptoclicks daily. ???? Earn between R35 and R90 ????Earn up to R630 daily without recruiting. ????Expires After 70 cryptoclicks. ????BITCOIN LEVEL ACCOUNT (R2500) ????Get 8x cryptoclicks daily. ????Earn between R45 and R100 ????Earn up to R800 daily. ????Expires after 80 cryptoclicks. ????REFERRAL BONUSES???? ????You earn 5% of your referrals earning ????The amount you earn with the Starter cryptoclicks depends on your LEVEL detailed above. ???? *WITHDRAWALS*.???? ????The minimum withdrawal to Clicks is R650 ????The minimum withdrawal to recruit is R500 ?Withdrawal takes up to 48 hours.

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