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Frontend Developer

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August 18, 2021
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2 years
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Frontend Developer

My professional experience includes bringing the wireframes of the UX designer to life through HTML5, CSS3, REACT/REDUX, NEXTjs as well as collaborating with Back End Developers to create a finished product. I think my skills and experience make me a great fit. Here are some of my most relevant qualifications and accomplishments: Crafted various website features using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript(React) Developed and Implemented project scope and timelines based on the design-develop-deploy process Collaborated with UX designers and Back End Developers and ensured coherence between all parties Tested feature prototypes for bugs and user experience My experience has helped me improve my leadership skills, allowed me to gain mastery over necessary development tools, and provided me with extensive knowledge of how to use the above-mentioned languages to build both front-end and back-end projects. I communicate eloquently and know how to multi-task and collaborate effectively with teams while managing conflicts and raising the standards of excellence and closures. I would love to arrange a meeting with you to discuss what I can contribute. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Education / Certificates

Diploma | Microverse

2019 | 2020

Remote software Bootcamp to learn full-stack software development skills including: ? Languages: JavaScript (ES5/ES6), Ruby, HTML, CSS, SASS ? Frameworks & Libraries: Ruby on Rails, React, jQuery, Bootstrap, Grid ? Databases: Active Record Query, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ? Testing with: RSpec, Jest, Jasmine, Minitest, Capybara ? And other skills such as Pair Programming, Version Control, Git, GitHub, Webpack, Heroku, Amazon S3.

Bsc | Delta State University

2009 | 2014

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