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Network Center Engineer

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June 21, 2020
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2 years ago
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Network Center Engineer

In keeping with your requirements. My proficiency includes demonstrated expertise in networking, good knowledge of Pc/Lan operating systems, TCP/IP, vpn firewall, network traffic capture and analysis solutions and a profound knowledge of the internet and online security, including Linux, Cisco, Juniper and Huawei command line knowledge. I provide services such as Cyber security as a service awareness training, System Administration and project management, and technical customer service support. My accomplishments with my current employer are derived from my exceptional interpersonal and communication skills and strong work ethic. I am optimistic that this position will allow me to utilize my experience, skills and attributes.

Education / Certificates

Hnd Electrical Electronics Engineering | Institute Of Management And Technology

2002 | 2007

Employment History

Network Center Engineer | Metro Digital

June, 2015 - Till Date

Repaired and rebuilt computer systems Diagnose hardware and software faults Ensured that Linux servers are up and running Solve technical and applications problems Administered and configured transmission devices (modulators, transmitters, multiplexers, and scramblers) for effective digital video broadcasting Configured routers, switches and wireless access points Recommended hardware and/or software solutions for short and long range goals. Researched options available and implemented. Technical support for server and web base applications Antimalware and firewall implementation for protection against DDos attacks, phishing and behaviour-based detection Configured, updated and status monitored VPN and ipsec multipoint to point firewall rules Resolved system slow-down issues through network migrations, reconfigurations, integrations, and troubleshooting

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