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Computer Vision, Web Scraping Expert


Computer Vision, Web Scraping Expert

AI enthusiast/Data scientist/Web Scraping/Video Scraping/Image Scraping Mr. Amit Upreti is a Computer engineering student and an Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast with 3 years of experience in Python. His passion includes Web scraping, Data Analysis | Visualization and Computer Vision Mr. Amit’s professional skills and interests include: • Python • Web Scraping • Machine Learning • Computer Vision I can help you with 1. Scraping Any Websites Images, Texts, Videos Links Web Scraping. 2.Image Processing And Computer Vision With Deep Learning(edge detection, object segmentation, face recognization etc) 3.Machine learning And Deep learning Assignment And Project 4.Data Mining, Data Analysis, Cleaning And Visualization 5.Python Assignments And Projects 6.Image Processing And Computer Vision Assignments 7.I can teach you python concepts or anything that you want to understand Feel free to message me if you have any question. I love to help you out

Education / Certificates

Bachelors Degree | Kathmandu University (Ku)

2015 | 2019

Employment History

Data Analysis And Visualization | Digital Research Lab , Kathmandu University

August, 2018 - September, 2018

A research culture in the Kathmandu university • to promote online learning and e-learning pedagogy in higher education of Nepal. • To develop the online system to assist teachers and educators in professional teaching and learning. • Empowering digital innovation in Education by using ICT. Intern Assist with Data analysis, visualization, Predictive Modelling and research under supervision of Assistant Professor Sushil Shrestha. • Data Analysis: Provided Data analysis for the research, different projects, and surveys. Performed Social Network analysis on Moodle data of E-learning. • Data Visualization: Provided Data Visualizations for the research, different projects, presentation and surveys. • Predictive Modelling: Created Regression, classification and clustering models for Moodle data for E-learning and MOOC data.

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